9 great Android apps for your new 2021 Android device


9 great Android apps for your new 2021 Android device

Congratulations on your new Android device! After going through all the legalese to set up your Google account and services (and probably doing the same with your phone manufacturer and carrier), you’re finally ready to make your phone or tablet your own.

As you populate your email app with new emails and purge useless apps from your device, now is the time to install some better apps that will improve your life.

Here are nine Android apps that made me happier and more organized, without being overly demanding of my user data or annoying with ads.

  • ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote is basically a digital version of sticky notes but organized into a single screen.

  • Notebook

This free Notebook app from Zoho organizes your notes into digital notebooks with gorgeous digital covers and provides powerful tools to help you document any and everything.

  • Finch: Self Care Widget Pet

Finch, the self-care pet penguin, is here to guide us to take better care of our mental health. Finch Plus offers more self-care exercises: $39.99 for a one-year subscription.

  • CBT Companion

CBT Companion app offers a safe space to document your thoughts and provide exercises to practice your CBT skills. $9.99 per month or $49.99 every six months accesses additional content.

  • AfterShip Package Tracker

This app lets you know when to expect a package to arrive, so you can grab it before a porch pirate can.

  • Discord

Within your own private space, you can chat with your friends and family using text or GIFs or have the option to start a video or voice call.

  • Firefox Browser

The mobile version of the well-known Firefox browser.

  • Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Download the contents of your favorite recipes and save the ingredients and instructions inside this little app. Paid version enables syncing between devices and storage of an unlimited number of recipes for $4.99.

  • Weather & Widget — Weawow

The Weawow weather app is both good at forecasting weather and respectful of its users’ privacy.

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