BBMzansi Housemates suit up for the Wager Task


BBMzansi Housemates suit up for the Wager Task

The Housemates have received the second Wager Task of the season. While that might be a little daunting, the upside is that they are expected to bring the summer vibes, which sounds pretty good to us.

The Housemates have received their second Wager Task brief, and this looks like it might be a little bit of fun. “By the end of the week,” Big Brother wrote, he hoped that the Housemates would have loosened up a bit and gotten to know the new Housemates in a relaxed setting. This sounds promising!

Tulz, in his role as Head of House, was told “to collect Housemates’ swimwear and put it in the bucket that Big Brother has provided. Once you have collected swimwear from each of the Housemates, you are to place some of the costumes in the Dressing Area, some in the Summer Nights bedroom and the rest on the deck by the jacuzzi. Use your discretion.”

When Zyno mentioned that he didn’t understand why they had to do that, Tulz responded with the obvious answer: “Because Big Brother said so.” Yup, exactly right!

The Housemates headed their separate ways to get their swimming outfits (complemented with things like sunglasses and sunhats). Nale had a feeling that they are going to have to “wear each other’s shandis”, and there was general agreement that the thought was “disgusting”. One wonders where they got the idea from, however: there was nothing about that in the brief, and Big Brother has shown a real concern for Housemates’ wellbeing, so it seems unlikely that he would risk some kind of health crisis. There’s enough of that going on outside the House!

BBMzansi Housemates
BBMzansi Housemates

Of course, the Housemates are hot on the heels of a complete fail with the previous Wager Task, having bet – and lost – 100% of their luxuries and whatnot. They won’t be looking to repeat that performance. It looks like they got the general idea, though: after collecting their costumes, Nthabii could be seen walking around the House, handing out slices of pineapple. “Summer vibes,” indeed!

Later, the point behind all of this was revealed: whenever the Housemates hear the sound of a pool splash, they have “exactly one minute to locate [their] swimwear, wear it over [their] clothes,” and then gather near the pool by the jacuzzi. Obviously, this could get pretty difficult. A Housemate might be in the bathroom, for example. Or taking a nap.

Then, the main part of the Wager Task was revealed to them. While it is in keeping with the general “pool” theme, it’s not necessarily a splash. They are “expected to design and create a Big Brother pool floaty line”, including concept, sketches and models. It goes on. The floaties will be tested to determine that they can hold air, will float (although if they can do the first, the second should be a cinch) and that they are functional.

In other words, the Housemates have to create a product that is usually the result of an industrial process. In the House. With limited supplies. Sink or swim, eh?

Then came the time for the Housemates to make their Wager – would they bet 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of their weekly supplies on the outcome? Following the previous week’s Wager Task failure, the Housemates can be forgiven for being a little trigger shy, this time around. Indeed, the Housemates spent quite a bit of time debating the difficulties of the Task, and there were some differing opinions, After some deliberation, and a suggestion by Tulz that they use this Task to test how well they can work as a team, they decided to be conservative and bet 25%.

Once the decision was made, Tulz returned to the Diary Room to inform Biggie of their Wager, who told them that the props they would need for their Task could be located in the Diary Room. With that, the Housemates have started work. Watch this space to keep an eye on how the drama unfolds.

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