BBMzansi: Viewers’ hearts captured!


Big Brother Mzansi season 3 housemates continue to capture the attention and hearts of the viewers daily and without fail. The people’s favourite reality show has been on top of the trend lists since it launched.

Just a few days in and viewers have already picked their favourite Housemates. Let’s have a look at some of the Housemates who have captured the hearts of our viewers

  • Sis Tamara

Sis Tamara’s name has been on everyone’s lips since viewers saw they killer moves on Saturday during the first Big Brother Mzansi party. They have been bringing good vibes into the House since day one. Viewers are also taken by they friendship with Terry. The pair seem to have built a solid friendship in a space of just a few days.

BBMzansi Housemates
BBMzansi Housemates
  • Themba

He is straightforward and a man of only a few words. Even though he hardly speaks but when he does he makes so much sense. The Lil Wayne look alike also has a great fashion sense and viewers have noticed this. Themba has coined the nickname ‘Ghost’ from his fans. He gained an impressive number of fans when he responded to Biggie’s question as follows: “There is not time for crushes in this House. You understand? Two million is at stake here! You understand?

  • Norman

Norman was in the spotlight on Saturday. He was dubbed the life of the party due to his lit dance moves. Since then, Norman has won a lot of hearts and fans have made it clear that if you want to have a great time at groove, Norman is the man that you should take with you.

  • Dinkybliss

She’s the Big Brother Mzansi queen of twerk. With her bubbly “loud and proud” nature, some of the Big Brother Mzansi fans have fallen in love with this social butterfly.

  • Venus

Her silky voice and carefree nature has won this beauty quite a number of fans. The Big Brother Mzansi fans first took notice of Venus when she and Themba came together in the House to create a sweet harmony.

This season, we have a great pool of diverse Housemates and if you don’t already have a favourite, don’t despair, there’s still more than enough time for you to find your perfect match.

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