Burna Boy Last Last meaning explained


Burna Boy Last Last meaning explained

Burna Boy returns to unleash his new single “Last Last”. The album, LOVE, DAMINI  is set to be released on July 1st at 12 AM WAT just in time for his 31st birthday.

What is the meaning of Burna Boy Last Last?

Burna Boy opens the song with a chant stating it is common knowledge that heartbreak does not respect anybody “Everybody go chop breakfast”.

Then Burna Boy goes into braggadocio as he talks about his wins, noting that he’s too big to condone any insult and although he has dedicated his life to his art, his heart is in trouble because “she manipulated his love” and it brought the African Giant to tears.

He cannot stay sober to process these feelings so he “Needs Igbo and Shayo” to help him get over the pain he’s feeling. “I dey Port-Harcourt when them kill Soboma.”

Burna Boy recalls another heartbreak he’s had to deal with from the past with the loss of Sobama George, a former ‘militant’ in both MEND and The outlaws.

Burna Boy Last Last
Burna Boy Last Last

Who is Soboma George?

Soboma George accepted amnesty from Late President Yar’Adua in 2009 but on August 24th, 2010, Soboma was gunned down along with his girlfriend. Burna Boy added that his feelings became a rollercoaster after Soboma’s murder (Feelings dey swing like jangolova).

In February 2022, Burna Boy crashed his Ferrari 458. It coincided with the period the rumours of his breakup with SteffLondon dominated major tabloids and people thought he was being reckless but they didn’t know that again.. he was having a turbulent period with his emotions.

“Ti N ba ni ke Juru e Juru,” Burna Boy wants to say it as it is.. he doesn’t want to hold back on letting his feelings known and he questioned why his EX insinuated that he didn’t do anything for her when her wish was literally his command.

He concluded that verse with a prayer that maybe sometime later in the future or in another life, they will get it right, get married and live happily ever after but for now, he has to let her go( Bye bye).

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