Cassper Nyovest – Pardon My Arrogance Lyrics


Cassper Nyovest Pardon My Arrogance Lyrics (feat. K1NG)

Pardon my arrogance

Y’all done woke up a monster
I was chilling, making my money , and y’all decided to haha

Aye, aye, aye

Pardon my arrogance, that’s how it go when I’m back in my element
Shaking the dust of I’m just warming but I haven’t yet settled in
Spikey said he got a bus full of bitches I told him to send me in
(Send em in!)

I used to pay for these snares and these kicks , now I am selling em
That’s a double entendre
I got play money , I’m a monster
Y’all still competing at Konka
Y’all are left feet to my Salsa
Y’all don’t stress me , he la chance’a
Ek is net hie keaba phantsa
I got mad heat I’m a boxer
Im the athlete and the sponsor
Pardon my arrogance/ I’m the epitome this is black excellence
I love the money and it got me jaded man this an entanglement
Y’all do it for Tshepo Mashego ma n**** y’all do it for relevance
Even when you got one up on me I always come back and Settle it
Settle it!
Put all the blame on my melanin
Ladies and gentlemen
Hold your applause I am well aware
Student of Jabbaman
Then was conflicted and cut into 2 like the heart of an elephant
They tried to keep up and bought what I bought but they ended up selling it.

Pardon my arrogance
Pardon my arrogance
I’m sorry
Sorry I’m sorry

Pardon my arrogance
Something special always happens when I’m in London and I meet up with King
A o shape ka double tot Ya Biliato daso

On the rocks Innit?
Ke Kgone go relaxa innit ?

Abashwe !!

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