half•alive – Night Swims (poem) Lyrics


half•alive Night Swims Lyrics

I went to the beach recently
By beach I mean the bay
By recently I mean july

I walk there
Shed everything I don’t need
I’m stepping into the water
Into an expanse of… thoughtless
Where no single thing operates me

The water is getting deeper
I feel the sand between my toes turn to mud
I walk until I can’t touch anymore
I’m seeking something
But settling for nothing
Except to float

Night swims
A darker summer night
With just a sliver spoon of moon
Cradling navy blue sky

I think of god
I think of my ex
The two of them rally back & forth for awhile

Night swims
The blanket of top water patterned with
Pure reflections
In the distance
The muffled symphony of persons worrying somehow comforting
To know it’s not only me

So I slip below the surface
Leave the sand, feel the current
Take me
The distant pulsing beat
Chatter melt into a mumble
For a moment it’s simple
For a moment I swear I can feel the world spinning

A night swim is what I needed
Sometimes the only way to stop thinking.
But under the horizon
That when I really start breathing
By breathing I mean feeling nothing & everything simultaneously
By simultaneous I mean miscellaneous
The vast variety of unknown swimming to expand the radius
Swimming in the craziness but not becoming it

I’m taking night swims
Away from the lights
Cause simple is nice
It’s changing my mind

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