How to Upload DJ Mixes to Apple Music & Spotify


How to Upload DJ Mixes to Apple Music and Spotify

Apple has already merged the features of Shazam in its iOS 14 updates that came out last year, now it’s taking things a step further by adding new features to Apple Music. Apple Music initially introduced DJ mixes and mash-ups in 2016 through a partnership with Dubset Media Holdings to identify and pay for licensed music within mixes.

You can now stream DJ sets with track ID’s and the DJ’s, label, and musicians get paid.

Step 1 – Select Your Tracks
During the beta, you can play any track from a Proton label that you’re signed to as an artist + any labels that have added you to their Proton promo pool. If you’ve released music on a Proton label, then you can feature that label in your mixes. Visit your Track Stack to browse all tracks cleared to play in your mixes.

  • NOTE: Your Track Stack allows you to download all your own tracks, including any remixes of your own songs. To download tracks from the Proton labels you’re signed to, ask your label manager to be added to their promo pool.

Step 2 – Make Your Mix
After collecting the tracks you can play in your mix, you can now start working on the mix itself! You can make your mix however you like, in Ableton, live on the decks, etc.
Your mix can be any length you’d like – there are no restrictions at this time.

Step 3 – Slice Your Mix
Unlike SoundCloud or MixCloud, where you upload the entire mix, Spotify and Apple Music require sliced uploads of *each track* in your mix. After you make the mix, you need to slice it up into individual WAV files for each track played. When your mix plays on Spotify and Apple Music, the songs will play back seamlessly even though they’re sliced. This way listeners can see exactly what track is playing!

  • Need help slicing your mix? Here’s a step-by-step guide!

DJ Mix
DJ Mix

Step 4 – Cover Art
All mixes need cover art, and the required size is large: 3000×3000! Your image must be square, 3000×3000 pixels or larger. If you need help finding big images, we recommend Unsplash, which has tons of large, free images that you can use.

Step 5 – Upload to Proton SoundSystem
With your slices & cover art ready, you can now upload the mix to Proton. Visit SoundSystem, click the “DJ MIX” area, and click “New Mix”!

Step by Step Upload Guide for Mixes in SoundSystem

This guide explains how to create a mix in the “DJ Mixes” tab of SoundSystem.

  1. DJ Profile: Select your artist profile that you’d like the DJ Mix released under. This can be any artist profile you’ve released music under at Proton. If you need help adding a 2nd DJ that you collaborated with, please contact us for help.

  2. Mix Title – Enter the title of your mix! Do not include “DJ Mix” in the title of your mix, because that will be added automatically by Spotify and Apple.

  3. Cover Art – Upload the cover art you prepared: 3000×3000 or larger!

  4. Tracklist – Next, click the “Add Tracks” button to build your tracklist. You’ll be able to quickly search and add any track from your Track Stack.

  5. Upload Slices – After building your tracklist, upload the WAV slices of your mix. For help slicing up your mix, please check our guide here.

  6. Release Date – Phew! You’re done. Select the release date, and you’re good to go. The mix will go live on this date at Spotify and Apple Music!

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