Jacquees – Sincerely For You (Intro) Lyrics


Jacquees Sincerely For You Intro Lyrics

I made it out ‘cause I was dreaming big
Look at me now, Ma, look what we done did
Knew it was destined back when we was kids
Neighborhood hero, fucked on every girl that we know
And they know I did
Droppin’ classics way before ya’ll knew me
Deal with block
Then I got it moving
Took some years to grind it out, I was working truly
Had some hoes
But Nesha the only one that really knew me

Looking like my future baby mama, I was 19
Fucked up the game, they ain’t seen nobody like me
Put ‘em in that mood, I hit the road and started chasing
Can’t get complacent, I’d rather show you since you playin’
Fuck a friend zone we were closer than they thought
But you made it clear that this ain’t what you want
Got out my feelings, made it happen, put these plaques up
Went and got the biggest crib just to put my racks up
Been with Jon boy since day one
Told Auntie Laine I’d never change, told Uncle Boy that we done won
Miracle, Rozzie
Get what they want plenty deposits
Reign and Nori Rose
Get everything designer in the closets
Stunna gave me the game showed me how to play it
He said “We the biggest, fuck any n**** that’s hating”
This didn’t happen by accident lord knows I’ve been praying
I got the east side behind me, the city know we been patient
This for Dreez, you was my heart, and my peace made me
Better forever you’re still too special to me
Lil bro looking down on me, Mouse you know I’m a keep your name
Alive in these streets, tell Gylon we ride ‘til he free-ee
This for FYB
This for Team Jacquees
This for my Momma and her Momma may she rest in peace
This for Nash and Forte
My brother K and anybody that believed along the way
This sincerely for you

Sincerely for you
This is sincerely for you
Sincerely for you
Aw, yeah
Sincerely for you
Sincerely for you

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