Lauren Spencer Smith – Single On The 25th Lyrics


Lauren Spencer-Smith Single On The 25th Lyrics

Kissing under the mistletoe
Holding hands while walking through the snow
I wish i knew what that was like
Maybe next year I won’t cry

The mall makes me so upset
Pretty girls with all their cute boyfriends
I wanna know what thats like
Maybe next year I’ll get it right

Praying for the love
You see in the movies
Not asking for much
Just 1

Maybe it’s the time of year
And how it brings up what i fear
Im by myself
Wishin i had someone else

Wish the day would go away
So i never have to hate what date it is
Cuz i hate being single on the 25th

Everyone has a baby now
Their married or got engaged somehow
I know that love it takes time
Don’t wanna wait my whole life

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