M Huncho announces debut album, ‘Chasing Euphoria’


M Huncho announces debut album Chasing Euphoria

British rapper, M Huncho has announced his highly anticipated debut studio project, ‘Chasing Euphoria‘ album with the release of a new song, ‘Lean‘ featuring Giggs.

1.5 years that felt like an eternity… That’s how long it took for me to convert this piece of art into words. When I say I am an artist and not a rapper, take that in, because I refuse to be put in that category.

I see my parents ageing, and I wish I could share these experiences and moments with them but I know that isn’t possible. I wish they could understand what I’ve achieved, who I’ve become and the effect I’ve had on the people around me. I know all I can do is give them the flowers they deserve from the seeds I’ve sewn, and if I can make every day from here easier for them…I have done my JOB!!!

There has been times I felt to give up, I felt like I had chosen the wrong path, I had sleepless nights, questioned myself, I’ve felt depressed, demotivated and stuck. When I listen to this body of work it reassures me that I am in exactly the right place at exactly the right time and in this very moment I am unstoppable and I don’t plan on slowing down…

M Huncho Chasing Euphoria Album
M Huncho Chasing Euphoria Album

Coming from where we come from…24 hours was never enough. I did what I had to do to get to where I am, and this, this is what I’ve been working for. This is what I’ve been chasing. Euphoria. What is Euphoria from my point of view?What brings me Happiness, Joy, Excitement, Elation…?

MY DEBUT ALBUM…I no longer crave approval, fuck it, I’m proud of me! This is where I let the world know that there is a human being behind this mask that bleeds just like them.

This is where I let the world know more about myself. My family. My thoughts. My struggles and the struggles of the community I’ve been raised in. My fly-ness. My dystopia. My utopia. My euphoria…which indeed I’m still chasing.

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