See How to Become a G Boy – Learn From the Expert!!!

Procedures for Developing a Profitable Trading Strategy
Procedures for Developing a Profitable Trading Strategy

See How to Become a G Boy – Learn From the Expert!!!

I am only teaching you how to become a successful yahoo boy without charging you a dime. Truth be told, I was into this business when I was in my higher institution and I could point out my achievements as yahoo guy in Nigeria.

Though this is an illegitimate business and it is not good, you should continue reading if you can take the risk then kindly try it. in fact, to learn how to be a yahoo boy is all about the risk involved. If you can’t stand the risk, you should get a real job and do.

Before you become a successful yahoo boy who wants to venture into yahoo-yahoo, there are certain things you need to know and do before starting off as a yahoo boy. Before I commence with the tutorial, a yahoo boy is different from yahoo plus which is also regarded as rituals. It is something that makes me sad when niggas leave yahoo for yahoo plus rituals. This is just because they are too desperate for the money and can’t wait to learn all that is needed to be successful.

But before you continue reading, you should know the basics of becoming a yahoo scammer, so that you won’t make mistakes. It will help you understand all you will read in this post and also advance your game forward.

Types of Yahoo Yahoo Scams You Can Start as a Yahoo Boy

Now it might seem complex, but there are several types of yahoo-yahoo scams that are popular and you can try once you become a yahoo boy. You have to choose the one that will fit you and that is easy for you. There is no way you can do all of them, you just have to start from somewhere.

I will be listing the various yahoo scams you can do, and maybe you can just pick one and start it immediately.

Wire-Wire Scam

Wire-Wire means electronic wire transfer. What it simply means is being able to track money that is being sent to someone and divert the money to your personal use. It is very hard to do, but here is a tutorial on how to do wire-wire scam.

Dating Billing

This is one of the simplest forms of yahoo for those who want to learn how to be a yahoo boy. Anybody can start dating and start collecting money or even gift cards. With dating, you can just register on a dating site and start to find any rich woman or man to date. Once they fall in love, you can then bill them. I have attached a video to show you how to bill your clients you are dating.  Here is the video below; please watch and learn.

Credit Card Format

The credit card format involves collecting your client’s credit card details and using it to go shopping online. You must use tricks to collect the credit card details from them, so please understand the game before asking your clients for their card details. I have This is how to start credit card scams.

Inheritance Format

In inheritance format, you pretend to be the child of a rich man in a local country, whom the father left so much inheritance for. Then you start looking for a white man to help you claim your inheritance and two of you will share the money. Read about inheritance format here.

There are other local scams that you can use to cash out money as a yahoo boy, but you must learn all of them first before you start to practice.

Instagram scam

Sugar daddy scam

Sugar Daddy Catfish

How to Stay Safe as a Yahoo Boy

I had to add this one because of the way EFCC is going around and catching yahoo boys with ease. I will show you several methods that will allow you to stay safe without getting caught.

  • Don’t tell people about your business. Let nobody know what you do
  • Maintain a low key lifestyle in your neighborhood. For those yahoo boys, you see EFCC coming to catch, it is mostly their neighbors that report them.
  • Don’t expose yourself online. Don’t post rich pictures just to impress people.
  • Dress normally. When people see you dressing with all types of gold chains around your neck, dreads, etc, they will surely expose you to EFCC.

I just hope you use your head and hustle on a lowkey.

If you have questions, please contact me using the comment section.

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