Sunmisola – Amazing Lyrics

Sunmisola Amazing Lyrics
Sunmisola – Amazing Lyrics

Sunmisola Amazing Lyrics

You are amazing
So amazing
Yeah… ohhh

Lord God we’ve seen all your creation
And we know that all you’ve created is perfect
Is perfect lord
We know that everything you made are so detailed lord
And we know everything is perfect
Everything is perfect

You are amazing God oh oh oh oh
You are amazing God x4

Bi o ti n si sere koseni to ye
(Your ways are unexplainable) x2
Bo Mi se n wonu agbon ko seni toye
(No one understands how water gets into a coconut)
Afi wo Jesu
(No one but you)

Awamaridi jesu Oba
(You’re unsearchable Jesus)
Awa sugbon ari pe oun ti o da Dara Dara ni
(We’ve searched and seen that all you’ve created is perfect)

You are amazing lord God
We know for sure Jesus
You are amazing lord

Written by; Sunmisola 
Released date; 10 November, 2020

Amazing Lyrics by Sunmisola

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