$uicideboy$ – BUCKHEAD Lyrics


$uicideboy$ BUCKHEAD Lyrics, Germ BUCKHEAD Lyrics

Rolling with them animals like noah’s ark
Bitch I got the blade like I’m joan of arc
Crazy with the chop when I’m off a bar
Spraying in the air hollering kill em all
Slick baby off of that shit
Devil from outta that pit
Levels to this I been sick
Fuck it up up in the pit
Yea uh I been popping pills and sipping drop
I spent 20 years up on that block
Beating on my chest I feel like kong
Lemme talk my shit it’s been too long
Plugged in like a socket
Up in space like a rocket
Glock tucked in my pocket
Choppa here it got bodies
Bought that bitch a new body
Crib came with a lobby
Rappers know I’m they papi
Sipping drank and rolling slow my bitch powder her nose
Haters mad and want me sad but my net worth said no
Mad cuz they still broke
Mad I kicked that dope
Ten toes germ my folk
It’s your time gang go go go go

First off im that n****
Step in take my picture
Greyfivenine the army
Walking deadman bitch this thriller
I been ducked and duckin
Puffin onions
Bitches stank ain’t munchin’ nothing
I been around still can’t call it for nothin
These n***** still bluffin and these zooties I’m puffin
Started off giving no fucks a lot
Watch me hop in and out keepin it hot
Rocks in the dial bussin kodak bop
Get higher than the moon and stars a lot
Stones and the rubies they bussin like fye
Crosshairs on my mind cant seem to take me out

Hold up she on my line gimme some time
I cant get away
No time to unwind
Im in my own lane
Slidin in n out of dames
Never needed fame
You ain’t even paid
Still dont hold weight
Another homicide
Another homie died
Another subject you couldn’t relate too
I been out roamin long time losin my mind I think I just had me a breakthrough
Hate you
59 bring da business
59 shots my ammunition
59 we draped in linen
59 might toss you some pennie’s

Never looking back
Do my best to cover my tracks
Feeding the monkey thats climbing my spine
And in return my itches always get scratched
Never again have to wait in a line
But I wait for the lines to get formed out the sac
Fuckin a different bitch every night
But id rather get fucked up and pass out
Platinum plaques
Stadiums packed
Stackin up racks
Hoes on my lap
Dont give a fuck I need to know where my stash at
Losing my mind
Wasting my time
Aint doing fine
Hating my life
Wear my heart on my sleeve but it aint balenciaga
Prolly ftp or g59 or something by ariagga
Bought some prada boots just to curb stomp me a pussy
Why they always lookin at me?
Cuz they see what they never could be
Oddy nuff stay on alert
Yeah she pullin up her skirt
And then I skirt
Avoid the swell but I still fuckin surf

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