$uicideboy$ – Champagne Face Lyrics


$uicideboy$ Champagne Face Lyrics, Germ Champagne Face Lyrics

Please check the time
Please check the clock
Its time to rock
This shit on lock
Slid with the mops
Don’t reach for that water you’ll get popped
I’m up at the top
Dolo no flock
Still in the way
I need all of the guap
Still in my bag but I need a big box
It ain’t gon work cuz a n**** too hot
Movin’ whoa
Holdin’ whoa
Way too t’d might crash the rolls
Outta my body I still ain’t gon fold
That bitch actin right I might put her in gold
White on her toes and some white up her nose
Pints on the floor please leave me alone
I move wit the fleet you def cant get the low
Popped out wit the rocket and blew up the store

Wasting my time might as well of stole the rollie
Burnin big blunts
Breakin glass
I might summon the holy ghost
Slowly smokin
Nose is sloping dope
1000 thoughts at once and now I’m focused
Feelin atrocious
Feel like provoking these hoes into chokin each other
Im hopin I pick the right one
Because one is a buffer
The other ones fucking nuts but I think that I might love her
Im willing to suffer
Im willing to give anything a try at least once
If I like it it’ll be months before I see the fucking sun
And check the clock or ask the time

3 fingers 6 digits for the gang smoking swisher blunts
Ridin middle finger up
Residue stuck in my nose go (snort) and I get high as fuck
Blicky toys
We greys r us
Got my bitch on angel dust
Grip my pistol while she sucking
For a hoe I got no trust
Call the doc
Slick going out his mind
Forgis on the benz floating like a poltergeist
Till I die it’s grey five nine
100 dollar bills snorting 1000 dollar lines

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