$uicideboy$ – I Dream of Chrome Lyrics


$uicideboy$ I Dream of Chrome Lyrics, Germ I Dream of Chrome Lyrics

I put hemis in my auto to speed up to my bardo
Da vinci code my blood line
Paint ya face like leonardo
Ima grey stepper
Off the 8th letter
Check my cardiac
More turnt than the maury show when he say you are not the dad
Grey the gang stain a lame with the a

Relapsed off them bars before I nod I pop that
Enigma my stigmata baby momma hollering
Young christ baby I was sent here just to die

Praise the grey
Seize the day
No pain today
Rollin’ dem blunts it’s a rollover crash
Can’t see a thing
Shit ain’t the same
Where the fire?
I could of caught a body
Slimy highly likely crash the masi
Oxys in my yerba mate diet
Slidin’ flexin’ hopin’ they don’t find me
Put up bitch better shut up
Raptor truck pulled hopped out with the cutter
Barber with me he ain’t on the clock
Fades all day ima clean up the block
Stickin’ and movin’ I do that a lot
Rocks in my clock could’ve bought me a yacht
Neck look like the ocean
I need a lifeguard on god

Stand my fucking ground
Lil shawty tryna fuck me up
Spinnin round and round
My head feel like tires on a bus
No fuck boys allowed
Grey 59 is an exclusive club
It looks like I drowned
All these diamonds got quality cut
Ruby such a mystery
Dodging all these inquiries
Blame my dope addiction all on made up abstract injuries
On the road to misery my feet are fucking blistery
I’m not even dead yet but all of yall still missin me

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