$uicideboy$ – Sorry for the Delay Lyrics


$uicideboy$ Sorry for the Delay Lyrics, Germ Sorry for the Delay Lyrics

Lil scotty in the mazi go to war like bush
I been running through new orleans like I’m reggie bush
Kush lit it’s the pimp from the underground g
North north out the trench I keep death around me
Fuck you mean
It’s that fiend
Middle fingers stay up
I got them bitches
They praying up to me like slicky the devil or something
Hand of God
Direct the mob
To pull up and put an end date on your life
But it don’t stop there
We come in and share
The other bullets with the whole second line
God damn
Ima psycho when I’m manic
God damn
Im fucking dykes my dick got magic
My doctors deemed me sick as fuck I guess I’ll manage
Just ice me up when I take that dirt nap with them maggots

Flex my winter garments
Something fine up under my armpit
Just another bitch I harvested
I reap what I sow
All day plowing in the garden
Spread my seed on these hoes
Oddy got them thotties
On they knees bout to choke
Southside shawty
Put the ice in isolated
All these bitches think im lonely
But really im fuckin flakey
All these bitches tryna holla
But their voice is always shakin
I got a long ass bridge to get across baby
You wont get passed these ribs
Make sure my heart dont cave in
Would you really be bout it if I wasnt famous?
Always tryna get my money I call that “juicy j-ing”

Swervin’ lanes
Catchin’ plays
Stars in the cullinan
Jets finna pull it in
Hoes in the hangar
Scopes on the banger
She need some money I pay her
I’ll see ya later
Ruby the mayor
Scrimmy came round with them flavors
Bitches chew us now and later
Beating these bitches like walker texas ranger
I flipped me some whips
I flipped me some hoes

You know how that shit go
I’m out the door with cash for them bows
I ain’t even up my pole
These n***** hoes
I won’t fold
Can’t hold my tongue no more
Let’s go chops out lookin’ for foes
Wait watch my story unfold
Hope I don’t get knocked off
Visvim socks off
Suck me til she lockjaw
Forgis with the top off
My wrist gone pop off
Molly look like rock salt
My n**** let shots off
We done took his top off

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